God, thank you for the dawn of a new day.  The cool brisk air is a reminder that this year is passing quickly.  Our hearts and minds often yearn for time to stand still but then we would miss so many memories.  Lord, help us to cherish each day and to realize that as each day passes it can never be retrieved.  Instill in us the joy and peace that each day brings as we grow in our relationship with You.  Thank you for walking with us today. God bless, Joni Breeze



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  • Cedar Creek Lake United Methodist Church is special because the atmosphere that is created by the members of the church helps make my family feel at home.

    Chris (age 34)
  • Cedar Creek Lake UMC is special because it offers an abundance of opportunity to do work in God's name without undue pressure to do so.

  • Cedar Creek Lake UMC is my church because it is a special place to come and worship God with loving and caring people. We have a wonderful children's program and great adult Disciple classes. There is something for everyone at CCLUMC.


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